The Benefits Of Massage

Massage is undoubtedly a luxurious experience for most people in Des Moines, especially when enjoyed in a spa environment. While plenty of people enjoy massage purely from the perspective of a pampering experience, others rely on massage for its long-lasting benefits for their physical and mental health. Massage feels good because of the way it stimulates healing processes in both the mind and the body, and massage therapy can be used to treat or alleviate a wide variety of common symptoms.

Massage For Injury Recovery

Many people turn to massage as an immediate course of action for relief of pain and swelling when an injury occurs. Athletes, including fitness enthusiasts, commonly experience overuse injuries or uncomfortable wear and tear on muscles and ligaments. Over the counter pain, relievers may dull the sensation associated with the pain, but they don’t have the ability to help the body repair itself. That’s where massage comes in.

Stimulating an injured muscle causes a chain of events that help the body expedite the healing process. When massage therapy is properly executed, large amounts of oxygenated blood reach damaged, swollen, or strained tissue. This rush of healthy blood replenishes the nutrients that muscles need to function properly while simultaneously draining away metabolic byproducts that may have accumulated in the muscle and contributed to the swelling process.

This course of treatment often assists simple athletic injuries (such as those that do not require surgical intervention) to heal sooner, allowing injured athletes to get back to their preferred sport or workout with minimal downtime.

Massage As Part Of A Treatment Plan For Chronic Conditions

Many people with chronic conditions, particularly those that cause pain or discomfort within the muscles or nervous system, use regular massage therapy as a part of their long term treatment plan. Massage is also beneficial for individuals with autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions, and conditions that affect the circulatory system like diabetes or kidney disease.

Massage supports a healthy circulatory system, a healthy immune system, and the drainage of excess fluids. Patients with diabetes or kidney disease who retain a surplus of fluid in their extremities often find that massage, in conjunction with prescribed medications and an all-encompassing treatment plan provided by their doctor, helps to promote lymphatic drainage and the swelling associated with fluid buildup. When the fluid leaves the body, tension, and pressure on the extremities is relieved and mobility becomes easier.

The same process (to a lesser degree) applies to patients with chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis or lupus. Massage can reduce the impact of inflammation and restore function to stiff and swollen muscles or joints by stimulating and loosening the tissues of the impacted body part. Targeted massage is often utilized to isolate specific joints, tendons, or muscles that are subject to severe inflammation or stiffness so that the massage therapist can effectively mitigate pain at the source.

Massage For Mental Health

Individuals living with depression, anxiety, insomnia, or chronic fatigue utilize massage to naturally combat some of the negative side effects of their mental health conditions. Massage promotes the body’s release of endorphins. Some of these endorphins act as the body’s own pain relievers, dulling the response to aches or discomfort. Other endorphins, like serotonin, improve overall mood and promote a better quality of sleep.

The presence of these endorphins released during a massage can mitigate or replenish a deficit of the endorphins the body is supposed to produce naturally. Individuals with depression may not create enough of these endorphins to experience a positive mood shift, making massage an effective workaround.

Massage impacts insomnia the same way. The combined effects of both full-body relaxation with metal serenity work together to promote restful sleep. Elevated mood and a completely relaxed body make falling asleep easier for most people with insomnia, whether that insomnia is the result of a mental condition (such as stress or depression) or a physical condition (like distracting bodily discomfort).

Massage For Your Day To Day Life

Many people without chronic conditions utilize massage for maintenance of health and comfort. Frequently sitting at a desk job can lead to aches and pains, and large workloads can lead to stress. Professionals utilize massage to keep themselves feeling their best when workloads rise or job duties become intense.

Since massage provides stimulation to the body, the mind, and the immune system, people utilize massage as a general wellness tool for health maintenance. Some people, like pregnant individuals or people who have recently undergone surgery, may need permission from their doctor before beginning a course of massage therapy. Healthy individuals under no exceptional circumstances can begin massage therapy at any time.

Experience The Benefits Of Massage

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