Laser Hair Removal Alternative: Everything You Need To Know About Forever Bare BBL Permanent Hair Reduction

Don’t you get tired of shaving? Hair grows back so quickly, and the results of a smooth shave only last about a day before new growth begins to show again. The tedium of this process leads many people to wax, which is costly over time and more than a little bit painful. Forever Bare BBL permanent hair reduction is an alternative to both methods that will leave you finished with unwanted body hair forever.

How Do Forever Bare Treatments Work?

Forever Bare BBL treatments are a form of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has already been proven safe and effective at permanently reducing the amount of hair that grows at the treatment site. The device utilizes laser light pulses to kill off hair follicles. If the follicles are unable to produce any hair, no hair can grow. It’s that simple.

Why Is Forever Bare BBL Better Than Other Methods?

Forever Bare BBL is better than other methods because it’s designed to be more comfortable. Most laser hair removal systems require a lot of heat, making them slightly painful on the surface of the skin. Forever BBL laser hair removal cools the skin and covers a larger area. This means more hair follicles are being treated in a single pass, and the skin is less likely to feel uncomfortably hot during the process.
Why Choose Forever Bare BBL Over Other Permanent Hair Reduction Methods?
Many people prefer BBL to other permanent hair reduction methods because it is designed with comfort in mind. The device is outfitted with an electrically cooled plate made of sapphire on the handpiece, designed to keep the temperature down even throughout numerous pulses of very bright light.

The Forever Bare BBL devices come with a number of adapters that allow for versatility. Small adapters can be used in treatment spots where a high level of precision is required, and larger adapters can treat a significant amount of surface area on a treatment site like the leg. Some permanent hair reduction tools only utilize smaller adapters, which makes the process take longer. Because more surface area can be addressed effectively, Forever Bare Treatments may be finished quicker than other similar treatments.

One of the most significant benefits of Forever Bare BBL is that it can truly be used on everyone. Many laser hair removal systems won’t work on people with darker complexions. The laser cannot distinguish the hair from the skin and won’t function properly. Forever Bare BBL is equally as effective on every skin tone, making it an option for every single patient seeking permanent hair removal. Wax Me Studio recommends that you stay out of the sun for up to 48 hours after your brazilian wax if it’s your preferred method of hair removal.

How Many Forever Bare BBL Treatments Will I Need?

Occasionally, maintenance will be required. This is usually due to hormonal changes or shifts in hormone levels that re-stimulate hair growth. Permanent hair removal can be achieved with as few as 3 treatments or more. The outcome all depends on the treatment site and the texture and thickness of the hair at that site. In most cases, treatments will be spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Some people may require more treatments or treatments at different intervals. Your hair removal expert will be able to fully assess the situation and provide you with a timeline for the most effective course of permanent hair removal. The goal is always to achieve the best possible long term result.

Do Forever Bare BBL Treatments Hurt?

Because the device is designed to minimize discomfort, most people are perfectly able to tolerate the treatments. Forever Bare BBL patients describe the sensation of their treatments as minimally uncomfortable. There’s no reason to apply a topical anesthetic.

What Are Forever Bare BBL Treatments Like?

Your hair removal expert will begin by applying a gel to your skin. Then, he or she will treat each area with the cooled treatment applicator. You will be asked to wear eye protection because the laser pulses are very bright. It is normal to feel a slightly warm sensation at the treatment site, but thanks to the cooling technology of the device, it shouldn’t ever become uncomfortably hot. It can feel like a quick rubber band snap.

Aftercare Following Forever Bare BBL Treatments

Forever Bare BBL permanent hair reduction treatments don’t require much aftercare. Treatments can cause redness that will go away on its own up to 24 hours. After a week or so, you may experience what appears to be hair growth. Some of these hairs will be attached, and other hairs are being shed. A significant portion of them will never come back, and that percentage will increase with each additional treatment.

Ready To Start Your Forever Bare BBL Treatments?

The Spa at West Glen in West Des Moines, Iowa offers safe, comfortable, and effective Forever Bare BBL permanent hair reduction treatments. We encourage you to book an appointment with us. Our experts are always here to answer any additional questions you may have about Forever Bare BBL.