The Benefits Of BBL Intense Pulsed Light Therapy For Your Skin

People with sun damage, dark spots, and wrinkles are constantly on the lookout for the gentlest method of achieving noteworthy results. That’s where BroadBand Light treatments prove to be most useful. If you’re seeking an effective skincare solution to improve visible signs of aging or free radicals on your skin, you’re likely the perfect candidate for BBL light therapy.

What Is BroadBand Light Therapy?

Intense Pulsed Light was the original treatment – BroadBand Light Therapy is the new and improved version of the same light therapy. BBL Intense Pulsed Light treatment is also known as a photo facial. Rather than using surgery or injections to produce a youthful appearance, BBL utilizes the power of light wavelengths to rejuvenate the skin with minimal side effects and downtime.

How Does BroadBand Light Therapy Work?

BBL therapy utilizes the energy and heat from intense light to warm the top layers of the skin. This heat will naturally encourage collagen production, prompting your skin to heal itself. This heat can help to remove the small vessels in the skin that make it appear red or damaged and balance out melanin production in people who have sun damage or dark spots.

As the skin produces new collagen, it will naturally settle unfavorable imbalances in pigmentation while restoring vitality and elasticity. BBL encourages your skin to be the best possible version of itself – it isn’t an augmentation so much as it is an enthusiastic push in the right direction.

Is BroadBand Light Therapy Uncomfortable?

The treatment feel like a “snap” with every pulse. Patients should not have numbing bc we need them to feel the heat to give us feedback so we know if are settings are safe. This are risks… it can certainly burn and scar people so we shouldn’t be making it sound like its a walk in the park…

Preparing For BBL Treatment

BroadBand Light treatments require little preparation. You must avoid direct sunlight before your BBL treatment. If you regularly tan, take a few weeks off before you book a BBL appointment. The sun and tanning are both bad for your skin, leaving it in a damaged and sometimes more sensitive state. It’s also advised to discontinue photosensitive medications and retinols, 2 weeks prior to your treatment.

Following A BBL Treatment

Your skin is going to be sensitive after a BBL treatment, and you should take special precautions to avoid irritation. Any lotion or skincare treatment with added fragrance, facial exfoliants, sun exposure, and harsh methods of cleansing should be discontinued. Dark spots and freckles may appear more prominent following a treatment. In time, these spots will naturally be removed off of the face with the surface layer of dead old skin cells currently resting on the top.

The most common side effect after a BBL intense pulsed light treatment is a sensation similar to sunburn. This side effect is very temporary, and a cold compress on the treated area will help it to swiftly subside.

How Often Will I Need BBL Treatments?

The required frequency of BBL treatments will always depend on the individual needs of the patient. Receiving regular treatments will encourage the skin to keep producing the new collagen necessary to maintain a youthful, bright complexion A series initially could be anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments, spaced out every 4 weeks, Once the desired outcome is achieved then it is recommended quarterly for maintenance.

Can BBL Therapy Be Combined With Other Treatments?

BLL therapy is completely un-invasive and utilizes no chemicals or special treatment ingredients. Some treatments performed on the surface of the skin may increase its sensitivity, like microneedling, exfoliation, or dermaplaning.

Your skincare professional with review your post treatment skincare routine with you. It is important to follow their recommendations.

After the initial sensitivity wears away, you are able to resume your preferred skincare routine as you normally would. Remember to utilize hydrating and gentle serums and moisturizers to optimize your results. BBL is not a replacement for good skincare practices, but an enhancement that can assist you in maximizing your results.

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Interested In BBL Treatments For Your Skin?

BroadBand Intense Pulsed Light treatments are among the safest and most effective non-invasive methods of achieving an even complexion and youthful skin texture. We invite you to book an appointment by calling The Spa at West Glen in West Des Moines, Iowa. If you still have some questions regarding BBL light therapy, our experts are always available to assist you.