Like any treatment, comfort is the most important element to help you leave your appointment feeling your best. What is more important in a botox or filler treatment than the person behind the needle? Here are three of our top tips to remember in your journey to finding your ideal injector. 

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  • Research Your Injectors Work


We have all seen the photos online of people who have gotten botox or filler and not liked what we see. It’s valuable to you and your experience to make sure that your injectors work lines up for what you would want your end result to be. 

A great place to start is looking on websites, social media, and reviews to get a glimpse of their before and after shots. 

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  • Make Sure Your are Comfortable with Your Injector


Comfort is key, we are working with needles after all! During your first consultation try and see if you feel comfortable with your injector, which will help build a better trust in the process. 

Your comfort is also important to make the treatment go by seamlessly and grow a relationship as you move forward with your injections.  


  • An Injector that Specializes in Your Desired Treatment


While all injectors master techniques, there are certainly areas that they feel are their strongest. 

If you are feeling nervous about the results, or if this is your first injection, consider working with an injector that has the special touch in whatever your desired treatment is. This will hopefully take the edge off and put all the faith in their hands. 

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